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MRO (Maintenance, repair & operations) are important processes in any manufacturing industry. The vast line of products from Molygraph Lubricants covers the entire spectrum of applications. Antiseizes, high temperature & EP Greases, silicone compounds, corrosion preventive oils, cleaners and degreasers, and a diverse range of aerosols complete our product portfolio.

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Client Stories

Learn more on how our products and solutions have helped our customers progress in the MRO Industry.

Molygraph Ultrasyn FS 1600 / prevented corrosion after hydrotesting. An innovative, environment friendly solution

Molygraph CRG 100 M Extends Relubrication Interval from 7 to 12 Days, Delivering Cost Savings of Over 25%

Molygraph Neverust HD 504 Extends Corrosion Protection to 2 Months, Doubles Sump Life, and Delivers 22% Cost Savings!

Core Products

Flurotemp 512
Flurotemp 512

PTFE thickened fluorinated synthetic grease for high-temperature application.

Kopal 1000
Kopal 1000

A premium grade high-temperature anti-seize compound.

Easylube Super
Easylube Super

All-purpose maintenance lubricant.


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