Metal Cutting and Forming

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Molygraph Lubricant's manufactures a range of Metal forming lubricants under our SmoothKut and SmoothForm series of product lines. The SmoothKut series features soluble, semi-synthetic, and Synthetic cutting fluids, while the Smoothform series comprises forming fluids in a variety of water-borne and oil-based chemistries.

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Client Stories

Learn more on how our products and solutions have helped our customers progress in the Metal Cutting and Forming Industry.

An innovative, water based eco-friendly solution with Molygraph Smoothform Aqua FS 7000.

An increased price to performance ratio with a cost saving of 15% with Molygraph Smoothform 2900 TD

A solar panel mounting systems provider switched to Molygraph Smoothform® 2900 TD oil, saving time, money, and manpower, while reducing component rejections.

Tractor manufacturer switches to Molygraph SMOOTHKUT® SS 1105 coolent, saves 27% in costs, eliminates bacterial growth and foul smell

Manufacturer switches coolant, reduces top-up concentration by 25% with Molygraph SMOOTHKUT® SS 5200

Core Products

Smoothkut SS 5200
Smoothkut SS 5200

Semi-synthetic high-oil metal working fluid.

Neverust HD 504/506/508
Neverust HD 504/506/508

Solvent-based rust & corrosion inhibitor.

Smoothform 2900 TD
Smoothform 2900 TD

Premium Grade heavy duty forming and drawing Oil


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