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In the paper industry, bearing lubrication is critical to ensure smooth operation, prevent premature wear, and extend the lifespan of bearings. Paper mills often operate at high temperatures with water ingress and extreme loads being commonplace. Speciality lubricants for bearing lubrication in the paper industry should have excellent thermal stability, water resistance, and load-carrying capabilities allowing them to maintain their lubricating properties and protect bearings effectively in adverse conditions.

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Paper mill achieves significant reduction in maintenance downtime & cost by switching to Molygraph’s SGH 460 Premium grease with superior water resistance properties

Molygraph SGH 220 Plus saves 25% on annual grease cost while ensuring reliable and efficient operation

Core Products

SGH 460 M
SGH 460 M

Heavy-duty calcium sulphonate complex grease.

PUG 9500 HS
PUG 9500 HS

Polyurea thickened synthetic grease for long life bearing applications.

SGH 460 Premium
SGH 460 Premium

Multifunctional high-temperature water-resistant EP grease.


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