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The Molygraph Lubricant's range of mining lubricants has been specifically developed for both, mobile and processing equipment. Wear protection, extended service intervals and minimal energy losses are the main benefits that you can expect when using our products for your demanding applications.

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Client Stories

Learn more on how our products and solutions have helped our customers progress in the Mining Industry.

Molygraph DR Grease HD 1: Exceptional Adhesion to Drill Rods Leads to Remarkable Reduction in Vibration Levels and 15% Decrease in Grease Consumption

Molygraph MFG 150 ST 3 achieves 30% cost savings through extended re-lubrication intervals, providing superior performance.

Core Products

SGH 460 Plus
SGH 460 Plus

Special complex heavy-duty high-temperature water-resistant grease.

DR Grease HD / 1
DR Grease HD / 1

High-temperature water-resistant drill rod grease.

MFG 150 ST
MFG 150 ST

Multifunctional lubricating grease for heavy duty applications


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