Conveyor Chains

Chain Lubricants

Conveyor chains in paint shops usually operate in a high temperature and abrasive environment. To counter these harsh conditions special oils are used to lubricate the chains.

These oils contain premium anti-oxidants and base oils that withstand extreme temperatures and reduce relubrication intervals.

The Stenol range of conveyor chain oils are available as mineral or synthetic grades with different base oil viscosities and offer the best price to performance ratios in the market for high temperature chain oils

Conveyor Chain Bearings

Bearings operating in conveyor chains operate at very high temperatures.

Using conventional high temperature greases can lead to bearing failures as well as frequent relubrication intervals leading to high maintenance downtime.

A PFPE grease helps mitigate these problems by providing lubrication to bearings at continuous temperatures of 200 degree Celsius and drastically reducing relubrication intervals.

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