Lubricating Pastes


Anti-Seizes are high quality lubricants that are usually supplied in the form of a paste.

They contain a number of solid lubricants including Molybdenum Di-sulfide, graphite, metal hydroxides, metal phosphates, inorganic oxides as well as metals such as copper, tin & zinc. They are specifically formulated for easy application and high adhesion.

All metal surfaces are covered by their oxides in order to protect them from seizure and wear during sliding and rolling operations. In case the oxide layer is damaged during sliding or the oxide layer is extremely thin like that for stainless steel the danger of seizure is very high. In order to protect these metal surfaces, they are coated with solid lubricants.

The film has very good adhesion to the metal substrate and very good film strength. Such a film prevents metal to metal contact and thereby prevent wear and seizure.

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